The rise (and fall?) of the CDO

04 July, 2016 by Admin

Digital – a new role has emerged at the top table of many organisations to advocate for and take command of this key area, the CDO.
The rise (and fall?) of the CDO

Digital is the new normal. Irrespective of their sector, organisations are increasingly being impacted by digital – how they attract and engage customers or citizens, how they create and deliver products or services, and in the roles and capabilities that make up their teams.

This paper presents our perspective on the CDO role, based on our experience of working with global and local organisations.

Some of the key considerations relating to the CDO role include, specifically:

  • The traits they will require to succeed
  • How their support team should be configured based on existing skillsets
  • The stages of maturity involved in digital transition
  • Where industry sector considerations can impact on the role
  • The challenges inherent in getting the traction they need as their job begins